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VLE Review
Review, Evaluate, Action


We review and evaluate the current position of your learning environment landscape and provide you with expert advice on best ways to enhance the teaching and learning experience for your staff and students.

Business Case Vision
Vision, Objectives, Value

Business Case

Our team can help you build the business case for the change you want to make. In doing so we will assist you to map your short and long term objectives and goals, carry out a thorough evaluation of the market, provide key market insights and develop thorough documentation to get you on your way.

LMS Implementation
System, People, Change


Our successful change management and technical teams will fully support and guide you throughout your LMS implementation and organisational change.

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LMS Adoption
Quality, Benefits, Impact


Our team assesses the LMS usage and impact accross your institution using our proven strategies and metrics, helping you to get the best out of the system and pushing forward adoption to help you achieve your aims.

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