• Learning Insights that matter!

    A fully managed and integrated learning analytics solution that provides off-the-shelf meaningful insights for your learning data.

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    Developed by learning experts and end users, Linsights extracts and harnesses large amounts of activity, behavioural, and interaction data from learning environments and provides you with the tools and key insights that puts you in control of your teaching and learning. All especifically designed for:



    Key information and active interface to better support and make significant enhancements to the teaching and learning process.



    Get deeper insights on how your students learn, their success and the impact of teaching.



    Stay on top of the work, life, trends and set up for success.

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Key insights especially developed to help YOU achieve more

  • Student Experience

    Understand student journeys to improve their experience.

  • Success

    Ensure students are on course to completion and success.

  • Learning Design

    Get insights on the impact of your learning design and areas for improvement.

  • Engagement

    Create richer interactions and engagement that enhances learning.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    Keep an eye on the staff and student wellbeing and reduce stress levels.

  • Retention

    Ensure students are fully engaged, on track on a path to success.

  • Delivering Value

    Get the most out of your system and your investment to reap the benefits.

  • System Adoption

    Encourage wide usage and adoption to bolster a rich environment.

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  • Get to the WHY faster

    With Linsights Dashboards powered by Assisted Insights instantly providing the ‘why’, Automatic Alerts that informs you as changes occur and Stories providing context and narrative that can be shared, your institution can finally and truly have the tools to make a difference.


    AI Powered

    Assisted Insights gives you everything you need to understand what’s behind trends and changes in your data.


    Fully Integrated with your LMS

    Natively built to work with your LMS of choice inheriting its security and controls. We currently support Canvas and Moodle with more coming.


    Interactive Dashboards

    Keep your finger on the pulse. Linsights dashboards are simple to create and use making it easier and pleasant to get deeper insights.


    Fully Hosted instant insights

    Our fully hosted solution takes care of every aspect including data, hosting, security, maintenance and continuous development. You just reap the benefits anytime, anywhere.

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