How to get the best out of your new system

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How to get the best out of your new system

1. Train your staff

Your staff will not be able to use your system properly if they have not been shown how. This is possibly the most basic thing to emphasise, but it is easy to get wrong, either by requiring attendance at long hands off training sessions from which the information is not retained, or not requiring attendance at institutional critical roll outs. What training method will work best for you needs to be considered for each system you roll out.

2. See the change as longer than the initial project

This was also covered in one of other posts, but is relevant here as well. In order to embed the change you are looking to achieve it is best to plan for training and engagement with staff to continue well after the initial project phase has completed. Otherwise your new system is likely to quickly regress to the state of your old system.

3. Keep communicating on system changes

Many systems you roll out will continue to evolve after the initial phase of the project has completed and hopefully these changes will improve the staff experience. Quick updates and demonstration videos will help increase the uptake of the system.

4. Set rules (but not too many) on system use

There’s a fine line between restricting people’s use and therefore innovation of a system and allowing people to go wild. A little structure, be it in relation to design, permitted communication uses or system permissions will aid faster adoption and provide a consistent experience for your users.

5. Review and revise

Review the system with your users after a specified amount of time and implement any good ideas that are raised. This will drive up usage and engagement.

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