Five tips to building a great VLE team

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Five tips to building a great VLE team

1. You need a range of experience

The most effective team we put together on a project consisted of professors, lecturers and recent graduates, all of whom had different perceptions of the subject area and were able to bring different skills to the project. If you can, you should bring students into the project, be that by having a student rep on the Project Board or by speaking to a student focus group separately.

2. Bring in Teaching Enhanced Learning expertise

You may already have TEL expertise, but it is always worth speaking to other organisations about what they do. You don’t need to incur the expense of a visit, meetings and demonstrations by online conferencing can be very effective.

3. Set out clear responsibilities for each member or group

It sounds simple, but this is often poorly done. If you can, put people or teams in charge of a particular area of responsibility or topic and make this responsibility clear to others. A simple chart of these can prevent issues between team members. But avoid having too many managers.

4. Have frequent but effective catch up meetings

A one hour once a week round table time restricted update per person is a good way of keeping the team informed, but try not to allow the meetings to drag on or people will lose interest.

5. Say thank you, often.

This is really not done enough and making staff feel appreciated for their work is essential for their continued engagement with the Project and with the organisation. Make sure to thank your team for anything they have done and if you can, arrange for further thanks to come from the most senior person on your project.

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    Thanks, it’s quite informative

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