How to measure the success of your VLE project

1. Define the benefits of your project carefully.

Stick to tangible benefits when defining these and avoid nebulous benefits such as ‘will improve staff work life balance’ as it is very difficult to set a method for measuring this.

2. Set methods of measuring the benefits at the start.

Some of your measurements may require you to gather information as the project is starting, if you leave the planning for this till later, then you may miss the opportunity to get what you need.

3. Speak to your staff and students.

A simple method of gathering information about success is to talk to your staff and students. Comparing surveys is tricky as the same people are unlikely to have responded so consider a focus group and offer an inducement to attend.

4. Gather reports before and after you launch.

Connected to point 2, reports on the current usage of your system i.e. how much discussion boards are used, how many page views have occurred by how many unique users is a very simple and useful way of comparing to the new system.

5. Set measurement dates 6 months, 12 months and 18 months after launch.

It is unlikely that the benefits of the change will be felt immediately. If you viewing the change as a long term project then the measurements need to be taken at times that reflect this.

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