Three things to consider when re-evaluating your VLE

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Three things to consider when re-evaluating your VLE

1. What do your students and staff think if your current system?

Gathering thoughts from your students and staff is essential to deciding the scope and focus of your project. We have often found contradictions in the view the staff have about what the students think of a system, and what the students themselves actually think. There are a number of ways to gather these views, but we find meetings and focus groups most useful as they provide an opportunity to dig into responses.

2. How is the system currently being used and how often are various elements utilised?

Running reports on the how the system is being used now, if possible, is a great way to measure the take up of your new system after it has been launched and therefore the success of your project. If reports cannot be run, consider a survey or focus group to gather information.

3. Change management needs to continue long after the initial roll out has been completed.

The work cannot stop when the system is launched. In order to embed the change you are looking to achieve it is best to plan for training and engagement with staff to continue well after the initial project phase has completed. Otherwise your new system is likely to quickly regress to the state of your old system.

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